Most used Mobile web browser with HTML5 support

If you are a basic feature phone user or smart phone owner you pay most attension to your mobile browser, you want all the features that a PC browser has should be in your browser. As market is booming with low cost smart phone mobile browser now offers PC like browsing experience, supports HTML5, javascript, ajax ..... In this article I am going to share Most user browser(HTML5 based) and their features.

Opera Mini and Opera Classic : Opera mini is world's most used browser while Opera Classic is based on webkit engine and in early development stage but quite stable to use. Opera offers tabbed browsing, data compression to save your internet bills, speed dail...Supported OS : Android,iOS,Blackberry,Windows Mobile 8

UCBrowser: Formerly known as UC Web is gainning popularity very fast. UCBrowser is known for its download manager which has resume support, fast tabbed browsing. Supported OS : Android,iOS,Blackberry,Windows Mobile 8 Safari: Locked to iphone and ipad ecosystem, safari is apple own browser based on webkit, fast,tabbed browsing and most used. Supported OS : Only iOS. Android Stock Browser: Comes preloaded with android, if you uses Android ICS or Above then your browser supports HTML5 based on webkit, tabbed browsing experience low on resource and fast. Supported OS : Android ICS and above.

Firefox: Firefox mobile is full of feature, excellent tabbed browsing experience,extension support, might be my favorite if it will run smoothly on low end smart phone with 256MB RAM. Supported OS : Android,iOS,Blackberry,Windows Mobile 8 Chrome: Chrome mobile is now among most used browser offer almost everything but I will not run on device which have 256MB RAM and Screen Resolution less than 480*800; Supported OS : Android,iOS,Blackberry,Windows Mobile 8

Internet Explorer : confined to to windows mobile os. Version IE9 and IE10 have decent performance but can\'t compete browser stated above. Supported OS : Windows Mobile 8 Dolphin or Dolphin HD: It is cited as most capable HTML5 browser scored over 450 on and most downloaded browser in Google play till now.King of Mobile browser in terms of features, supports tabbed browsing, plugins support,Gesture Browsing. One complain little bit heavy compare to android stock browser. Supported OS : Android,iOS.

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