Simple C Programme to convert Farneheit to Celsius

This is my first tutorial on World most Famous language C. C is a old language but still has its own charm is ideal for novice to start programming. In this tutorial We will going  to create a file name temperature.c , I use Linux Mint as OS and GCC Compiler. If you want to know about which IDE I am using then its cross plat form Code::Block so you will get same taste at different environment likewindows, Mac or Linux;

C Programme to convert Farneheit to Celsius


#include <stdio.h>
IDE Used Code::Blocks
A simple script to get
Temperature in Celcius
using formula
int main(){

float farneheit, celsius;
printf("Enter Farneheit = ");
printf("Celcius = %.2f", celsius);
//%.2f to make result to two decimal places
return 0;

I will not recommend you to copy and paste the code in Code::block better write your own code and compile  and run it.

 Category : C-language   Posted By : Sanjay   on 2015-08-20 16:13:51

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